Breeding cage

Breeding cage




€45.00 - €405.00

Discover here our range of breeding cages. To be used for poultry: quails, chickens and chicks. At Ducatillon we offer different models depending on your needs and the type of breeding: the type of animal, their number, size and lifestyle.

Breeding and fattening cages for poultry

These breeding and fattening cages are intended for breeders of hens, quails or chicks. They are specially designed for laying hens or quail for egg production. Some are fattening cages. These allow for the growth and fattening of young poultry to adulthood. You can use this equipment to raise chicks : you will assist in their daily development by providing the necessary care for them to grow up safely.

Well-equipped rearing cages

Whatever cage you choose, they are all thought out for easy breeding in the best conditions. Here are some of the features of our different cages :

  • - Within the rearing cage, the gentle slope provides a certain comfort to your animals. It improves the brooding success rate and the production of quality eggs and prevents them from cracking before being harvested.
  • - A dropping tray can be included in the kit. This is similar to a drawer placed underneath the cage to collect the droppings of the birds that pass through the bars of the cage. This solution makes cleaning easier but also ensures optimal hygiene conditions for your animals.
  • - Our fattening and rearing cages are provided with a waterer and a feeder so that your poultry can feed and hydrate sufficiently and thus develop and be healthy.
  • - Our cages are compatible with the installation of non-heating bulbs for chick lighting.
  • - Our equipment can include a rearing mat that is suitable for all types of chicks, including quail. One of the advantages of this mat is that it prevents the phenomenon of splayed legs.
  • - The roof can be opened for easy access to the interior of the cage.

So this material will be ideal for your poultry farms. We offer in this category fattening cages for quail or chickens, a kit of three stacked battery cages for laying quails, a starter tank for chicks as well as breeding cages for canaries. Discover without further delay our different products at Ducatillon.