Harvesting and Storage

Harvesting and Storage




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Growing fruit and vegetables takes time and patience, but when the harvest arrives, it's time to see your efforts rewarded. At Ducatillon, you'll find everything you need for harvesting fruit and vegetables as well as the equipment you need to store them. Discover our wooden pantry, the harvest bag or the fruit picker in our special harvest and storage category.

Wooden food storage, fruit picker, harvest bag and other harvesting and storage equipment

Garden lovers are in the spotlight at Ducatillon with every task: planting seeds, watering, weeding but also harvesting fruits and vegetables from the garden, vegetable garden or orchard. When it comes to harvesting, it is important to have the right tools, not only to pick up the fruit and vegetables but also to store them. There are many accessories available for this purpose. Among them, we can already mention the harvest bag, the fruit picker or the wooden storage box. Here is a small list of what you can find in our catalogue.

The fruit picker to collect the fruit on the ground

Having to bend over to pick up fruit can cause back pain. This is why the fruit picker is used. To limit these uncomfortable gestures. With the help of this accessory, you will only have to associate your fruit picker with a handle and roll it on the ground to collect the fruit that has fallen at the foot of the tree. The wires that make it up are flexible and the fruit passes between them. This harvesting tool is useful for larger or smaller fruits depending on the model chosen: nuts, olives, apples …

The harvesting bag

Simply made to store harvested fruits or vegetables, the harvesting bag is an essential accessory for the gardener. They lend themselves to a variety of uses. To store potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroot or even parsnips, we advise you to opt for the jute harvest bag known for its high resistance and large storage space.

The wooden pantry: to store your food in the best conditions

When you have harvested your fruits and vegetables, you need to find a place to store them. For this purpose, we offer several models of wooden food pantry. They are available in several sizes to store your food: vegetables, fruits, cans, cold cuts, cheese... These foods will be kept in an ideal environment and will be safe from possible insects. We offer the wooden pantry with glass door on several levels. You also have at your disposal shelves and crates for the storage of your beautiful harvest !