Evolving egg-laying and breeding cage

Evolving egg-laying and breeding cage




€180.00 - €1,005.00

The category "Evolutionary Cage for Laying and Breeding" on the Ducatillon Austria website offers a wide range of cages specially designed for the breeding of poultry, partridges, and other backyard birds. Whether it's for raising chicks, egg laying, or reproduction, you will undoubtedly find the cage that meets your needs.

Which cage to choose?

The cages for laying quails are specially designed for the breeding of quails, which are birds that lay numerous eggs per year. These cages are equipped with different levels to allow the quails to lay their eggs easily. The breeding cages, on the other hand, are suitable for the reproduction of backyard birds. They are spacious and allow the birds to move freely. Cages for breeding partridges are also available in this category and are equipped with a ventilation system to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for the birds.

All these cages are made from high-quality materials to ensure their durability and sturdiness. Additionally, they are equipped with all the necessary accessories such as drinkers, feeders, perches, and trays to facilitate the maintenance of your cages and maintain cleanliness. These cages also offer increased security for your birds, protecting them from predators.

By opting for an evolutionary cage for laying and breeding, you can significantly improve the quality of life for your birds, increase their productivity, and facilitate their breeding. The evolutionary cages for laying and breeding are also very convenient for professional breeders, allowing them to optimize their workspace and increase their production capacity.

In summary, the category "Evolutionary Cage for Laying and Breeding" on the Ducatillon Austria website offers high-quality cages specially designed to meet the needs of poultry breeders, partridge breeders, and other backyard bird breeders. The different cages available in this category are suitable for various needs and contribute to improving animal well-being and easy cage maintenance. You can also discover our Animal housing category on our Ducatillon Austria website!