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Hunting jumper and sweatshirt to stay protected

Before the hunting season, make sure you have the necessary gear to stay protected and concealed under enough layers when you're out in the great outdoors. Ducatillon provides comfort and warmth to hunters with a wide range of hunting jumpers. Round neck jumpers, fleece, camouflage prints, hoodies... whatever type of garment you are looking for, you will appreciate their high quality and different features to cope with the lower temperatures.

The jumper or sweatshirt offers body protection against the cold. Equipped with thermal characteristics, this garment allows a perfect insulation of your body. Beyond its insulating properties, a hunting jumper can offer you additional protection, in addition to the hunting jacket, against the elements, especially wind and rain. For a more casual look, you may want to consider a hoodie that can be worn under a jacket or on its own in warmer weather. In this category you will find several hunting jumpers and sweatshirts available in different styles and features.

How to choose your hunting jumper?

The choice of jumper, as with all hunting clothing, requires different criteria to be taken into account. Adapt your choice to the temperature outside, decide on the type of collar you want: round or high with a zip... To protect your head, you may want to have a hood or pockets to store some small items. Finally, choose the style that suits you best. In any case, our products are perfectly designed for hunters, they will keep you warm while remaining breathable.

Wool and fleece jumper

If you're standing still in the cool of winter watching game, you'll appreciate a fleece-lined hunting jumper. Its high collar gives you full protection up to the chin. This will prevent the cold air, if you are not wearing a scarf, from slipping through the collar and causing you to catch a cold. The trucker collar is a collar with a closure, which allows you to close or open it as you wish depending on your body temperature. If you open it, you will have more breathability. Most of the jumpers we offer are partly made of wool, a material whose main function is to keep you warm. This makes them a good solution for your winter hunting trips as well.

Hunting sweater

In mid-season, when temperatures rise but a jumper is still necessary, you can choose a round-neck jumper or a sweatshirt with or without a hood, depending on your preferences. This not only gives you a more casual look, which is popular with young hunters, but also keeps you comfortable and protected. Sweatshirts are usually equipped with pockets. If you go out early in the morning, you can wear a sleeveless hunting waistcoat over it. The hood will protect your head.

A wide choice of styles

Our selection of hunting jumpers and sweatshirts offers a wide range of styles and patterns, from plain brown or khaki to camouflage, with elbow and shoulder patches on some models adding a modern touch to the garment. Beyond hunting, you can wear these jumpers for other outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, but also in everyday life. For example, you can match your round neck jumper with a shirt for a lighter and more elegant outfit.