Vegetable and fruit cutter

Vegetable and fruit cutter




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For the realization of your salads, frying, purée, French fries, it is essential to cut your vegetables. Ducatillon has selected a wide range of accessories for cutting vegetables and fruits. You will find specialized accessories according to the vegetables you want to cut.

What is a vegetable cutter ?

The vegetable cutter will allow you to save time when preparing your dishes. Indeed, it will allow you to make regular and easy cuts.

You will find manual and electric vegetable cutters.

The vegetable cutter can be used to cut your fruits and vegetables. It allows you to make cuts that can sometimes be complicated to make with a knife.

The choice of your vegetable cutters

First of all, it is important to know for which type of use you need a vegetable cutter.

Indeed, the cutting device will vary according to your needs.

In addition, it is important to think about the grip you will have on your machine and your food. You have to think about your safety and avoid any cuts. This is why you should choose an accessory with a handle adapted to your needs.

The French fry cutter is a specific vegetable cutter for cutting your potatoes, and thus making French fries. The fry cutter is easy to use, you will have to place the device and lower the handle to obtain fries. This device is generally equipped with two grids in order to make fries of different sizes. Moreover, it is possible to complete the device by buying other grids in order to make fries of different sizes.

The tomato cutter is useful for more fragile foods. The vegetables will be cut thanks to a serrated blade.

The mandolin is the cutting utensil allowing you to cut all types of vegetables and fruits. Its purpose is to cut all ingredients into thin strips. For this type of utensil, it is advisable to protect your hand that will go back and forth during the cutting, to avoid cutting yourself once arrived at the end of the food.

The egg slicer will allow you to cut your eggs quickly and regularly. You can make slices or half moons. Moreover, this utensil can also be used for your mushrooms or mozzarellas.

The avocado slicing spoon is a practical utensil that will allow you to easily slice your avocados. The knife at one end of the spoon will allow you to cut and the spoon to recover the flesh easily.

The cabbage knife will allow you to cut your cabbages, whatever their level of difficulty, cleanly. Thanks to its wide and regular shape and its intermediate blades, the cabbage knife will become your real ally for cutting your cabbage. Moreover, this knife is recommended for its safety.

Kitchen accessories

You will also find utensils allowing you to easily empty your fruits and vegetables.

The pineapple corer will allow you to easily and cleanly remove the flesh of the pineapple. This utensil is used like a corkscrew.

The fruit and vegetable drainer will allow you to drain and de-seed most fruits and vegetables quickly. You can use it for zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, etc.

The apple peeler will be useful to peel your apple easily and cleanly. Moreover, easy to use, you will be able to use it to peel quickly your fruits. You will also be able to use this utensil to cut and core your apples.