Hive and hive elements

Hive and hive elements





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Ducatillon Austria is your trusted partner for all your needs regarding hive and hive elements. We offer a wide range of essential products for beekeepers, such as queen excluders, hive paint, linseed oil, hive insulation, DIY hive kits, attractants for wasps and hornets, hornet traps, hive supers, and much more. Trust Ducatillon Austria for superior quality products that cater to all your beekeeping needs.

Queen Excluders: Ensure the protection of your colony

Queen excluders are an essential element for the efficient management of your hive. At Ducatillon Austria, we offer a selection of high-quality queen excluders. These excluders are designed to allow worker bees to pass through while preventing the queen from leaving the hive or laying eggs in certain areas. Ensure proper management of your bee colony with our reliable and durable queen excluders.

Linseed Oil: Natural maintenance for your hives

Linseed oil is a natural product used for the maintenance of hives. At Ducatillon Austria, we offer high-quality linseed oil to protect and nourish the wood of your hives. Linseed oil penetrates deep into the wood, protecting it from moisture and external aggressors. Use our linseed oil regularly to keep your hives in good condition and ensure a healthy environment for your bees.

Hive Insulation: Preserve the comfort of your bees

Hive insulation is crucial to maintaining an optimal temperature inside the hive, especially during cold seasons. At Ducatillon Austria, we offer a selection of high-quality insulation materials to protect your hives from temperature variations. Our insulators are easy to install and provide effective insulation to preserve the comfort of your bees throughout the year.

DIY Hive Kits: Customization and ease of use

If you wish to build your own hive, Ducatillon Austria offers DIY hive kits. These kits include all the necessary elements to easily assemble your hive. You can choose from different sizes and configurations to meet your specific needs. Assemble your hive according to your preferences and enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own habitat for the bees.

Attractants for Wasps and Hornets, Hornet Traps: Keep pests away

To protect your hives from wasps and hornets, Ducatillon Austria offers specially designed attractants to repel them. Our wasp and hornet attractants lure these harmful insects away from your hives. Additionally, we offer hornet traps that will capture these unwanted predators. Protect your bees and preserve the tranquility of your hives with our effective solutions.

Hive Supers: Increase your honey production

Hive supers are essential components for increasing your honey production. At Ducatillon Austria, we offer a selection of high-quality supers to expand your hives. These additional supers provide more space for your bees to store extra honey. Maximize your honey harvest with our hive supers tailored to your needs.

In conclusion, Ducatillon Austria is your hive expert and provider of hive elements. With our range of products, you can confidently equip and maintain your hives. Explore our Beekeepipng category as well.