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You are passionate about nature and hunting and like to stay outside for long hours to observe and wait for animals? Ducatillon Austria has selected for you the best accessories that will be useful on your hunting ground.


To have a quality game, it must be well fed and in its natural environment. This is the principle of agrarian feeding, which you can take advantage of with automatic feeders or solar panel feeders, which will distribute food to wild boars and birds in the area without your intervention.

We suggest you to equip yourself with a canister, which will make it easier for you to refill your feeders once they are empty.


To help you attract animals to your hunting spot, you will need to use big game attractants. You can use wild boar, deer, stag or pheasant attractants by spreading them on tree trunks, near salt flats or in any other suitable place. They can take the form of a spray or Norway tar.


Beyond the camouflage clothes you can wear, it is important to hide your hunting spot as much as possible. You should use camouflage nets that you can find in our range, from 1.40 meters wide to 2.40 meters. For the length, Ducatillon Austria offers to cut your camouflage net by the meter. You will be able to cover all the surface you want with a single net.

Add to this a camouflage hideout or a hunting hut, which will be able to accompany you in your movements or your waiting points. Light and compact, our automatic huts will be your asset during your hunting trips.

The tree stand

Combine your camouflage outfit with a tree stand to increase your invisibility to game. Our tree stands are sturdy and stable and can be set up quickly. The European pine tree stand is weather resistant.


Whether it is to avoid being disturbed by pests during your long wait or to better attract your targets, trapping is an essential step in your success. There are mole traps, ultrasonic pest control devices, mouse traps and rat traps. For insects, equip yourself with fly, wasp or horsefly traps. If you are invaded by birds, choose electronic bird repellents that will reproduce the birds' distress call to keep them away from your environment.

Communication equipment

For your safety, equip yourself with communication accessories to warn you in case of danger. A shockproof phone with a reinforced and waterproof shell will be perfect for your outdoor activities. Walkie-talkies will be useful if you are hunting in a group or with friends to keep in touch with your movements or to warn of what you see. Sold in packs of 2 or 4 with a long range.