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Do you have animals in your home, indoors or outdoors? Each animal has the right to its own habitat adapted to its size and lifestyle. Ducatillon tells you all about henhouses, modular cages, pens, hutches, pigeon houses and aviaries.

Chicken coops and pens for hens

The choice of the hen house will depend on the number of hens you have or will have. You will have to choose your chicken coop by taking into account the minimum space needed per hen for its well-being. Remember, the more free space the hens have, the more they will thrive.

A chicken coop never comes alone, as it must be accompanied by essential accessories for your hens. We're talking about a chicken drinker, a feeder, a nesting box and a perch. And to protect your chickens, we recommend the use of an electronic doorkeeper, which can be associated with a fence or net that will delimit the space of your chickens.

Modular cages

These cages, also called growth or fattening cages, are the first habitat for your chicks, ducklings and quail. After their birth, you can place them in these cages which have a detachable dropping tray, feeders and drinkers in sufficient quantity.

Pigeon houses and aviaries

If you love birds, choose a pigeon loft, also called a dovecote, which is perfectly suited for pigeons, or an aviary that can accommodate a colony of birds. Our pigeon lofts are solid, practical and durable. They can accommodate up to 9 nests and 18 pigeons. The aviaries are a set of pigeon houses that provide a spacious environment for the birds.

Place slatted floors at the bottom of the housing or racks to facilitate air circulation under the nest and the fall of dirt under the grid. This will make cleaning easier.

For your aviaries, use mesh that will not allow your birds to escape or to hurt themselves. Ducatillon can cut these nets by the meter, so that you have exactly the length you need.

Choose an earthen or sandy bottom for easy maintenance. It will also be easier for you to change the bottom if needed.

Complete with equipment such as perches and drinking troughs so that your birds can feel comfortable in their space.

Rabbit hutches

The rabbit hutch will be designed to accommodate rabbits and allow them to feed and rest. Here again, you will have to think about the number of animals to be accommodated in order to choose the right size hutch. You can choose between wooden hutches and concrete hutches, both of which are solid and durable materials. If placed outside, we recommend raising the hutch to limit the entry of cold and humidity.

Add litter to the bottom of the hutch for your pet's needs, a feeder and a waterer to be able to feed and hydrate it properly.

Clean your animals' habitats regularly, with non-toxic products, to limit the development of diseases or parasites.