Mandolin, Grater and Grinder

Mandolin, Grater and Grinder




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For the realization of your recipes, it is essential to cut your vegetables and fruits. For this, Ducatillon has selected for you the essential kitchen utensils to help you. You will find on our website a wide range of mandolines, graters, grinders and presses.

Choosing your mandolin

The preparation of fresh vegetables requires an assiduous preparation which can sometimes be a brake by loss of time. The mandolin saves time and facilitates the cutting of food. This utensil makes the task quick and easy. Mandolines offer more or less cutting possibilities. The choice of your accessory will have to be based on this option. The mandolin will be an accessory that you will use regularly or even daily, so it is important to choose a mandolin that meets your needs.

When choosing your mandolin, it is important to take into consideration the safety it offers. Indeed, the use of a mandolin is still dangerous, it is important to take precautions. Some devices are equipped with a pusher that allows you to grab the food you want to slice and avoid bringing your fingers towards the blade.

In addition, some items have non-slip parts that will allow you to slice your food safely.

The quality of the blade is a characteristic to take into account. Indeed, the mandolin will allow you to cut more or less hard food and will therefore incite you to press sometimes. For that, it is important that your blade is strong enough to resist to the cutting.

In addition, the hardness and fineness of the blade will allow you to cut your food cleanly and precisely, but also to keep the nutrients of your food.

Depending on your use and your needs, you will have the possibility to acquire an electric or manual mandolin. People with joint problems will prefer an electric mandolin, but the result between the two will remain just as effective.

Choosing your grater

This grinder will allow you to grate any type of ingredient but especially carrots or cheese.

Generally used for cheese, the grater mill is essential to grate your mimolettes, gouda, cheddar or Emmental.

It usually has several drums to grate more or less finely, depending on your needs. Using a grater mill will allow you to obtain clean grating and preserve the flavors of your food. Cleaning your instruments is easy thanks to the ergonomic design of the grinder, which can be dismantled quickly. It is recommended to wash the grinder with soapy water and not to put it in the dishwasher in order not to damage it.

Zester Grater

This grater is a must for any cook, amateur or professional. Indeed, it allows to recover the zest of citrus fruits in order to flavor your dishes. This instrument will allow you to keep the aromas of your citrus fruits such as lemons or oranges for example. Some peelers have a double function, they can be zester, grater and peel citrus, you will find this article on the site