Shirt and Blouse

Shirt and Blouse




€15.00 - €60.00



The hunting shirt for a casual and elegant look

Ducatillon's collection of hunting shirts is available in a variety of colours to ensure that you can hunt in style. Checked, plain or with a camouflage pattern, there is a wide choice to adopt a casual and elegant look. Our shirts are also suitable for everyday wear. The shirt or blouse differs from a t-shirt or polo shirt in that it is looser fitting and will also give you a more elegant look. Of course, hunter's style cannot be achieved without comfort, which is of paramount importance while you are hunting. Therefore, our products are designed with the best features to make you feel as comfortable as possible in your outfit.

Our hunting shirts and blouses are made of materials that put comfort first. Made of cotton and polyester, they are light, soft and breathable. You'll enjoy wearing them in warmer weather in spring and summer.

With their different colours, hunting shirts match any hunting outfit and outdoor clothing. Whether you are duck hunting, deer stalking or having fun hunting with your friends, we have the right shirt for the occasion.

The hunting shirt and its details

In addition to their colours, hunting shirts have a wide range of interesting details that make them a pleasant and practical garment. These details include pleats in the back for greater freedom of movement and a better fit, breast pockets, buttons on the cuffs to roll up the sleeves if you get too hot, buttons on the collar to keep it in place...

If you like comfortable clothing that offers good freedom of movement, a hunting shirt is the right choice under any hunting outfit or outdoor ensemble. A classic hunting vest will always match your other clothes. You can wear it under a jumper or a sleeveless hunting waistcoat for example. All these shirts are machine washable and easy to iron. So they can be worn again and again for everyday use, hunting or any other occasion.