Modular cage

Modular cage





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What is a modular cage ?

Designed to accommodate quail, chicks or even partridges, our growing and fattening cages are all modular. They will allow you to raise your animals in complete serenity as they are specially designed for their comfort and health. These modular cages come, in fact, with different sizes, various compartments and with additional floors to meet all your expectations.

The advantages of a modular breeding cage :

Whether it's a fattening cage, a breeding cage or a cage for laying quails, they all come with multiple advantages.

First of all, it is important to specify that our modular cages are equipped with small wheels to allow you to move them easily.

Our evolving cages are, also, appreciated by breeders because they come with several compartments. The division of the cages allows you to place one male per compartment and therefore have a better fertility rate. In addition, this solution avoids fights between males. You will also note that each section has a large door which allows you to handle your birds with more simplicity but also to clean the compartments more easily.

Furthermore, these cages all come with drinking and feeding systems. The drinkers with pipettes offer you perfect hygiene and water that will always remain clear. The feeders, on the other hand, are equipped with an anti-spillage grid. These cages are, also, equipped with a bottom grid that ensures perfect comfort for your animals and gentle egg rolling thanks to its gentle slope. As for the dropping tray, it has been manufactured to accommodate a larger storage capacity.

Finally, entirely made of high quality materials, our evolving breeding cages have a superior lifespan. Therefore, they will accompany you for several years.

Our accessories for evolving cages :

At Ducatillon, you will also find accessories perfectly adapted to our modular cages. The water tanks are available in various capacities to meet all your needs. Whether it's 4 liters, 8 liters or 20 liters, everything is available and can be adapted to the breeding cage you want !