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The Baggage and Storage category at Ducatillon Austria is full of products for hunters who are looking to safely store and transport their equipment. Among the most popular products are strong cabinets for multiple rifles.

These cabinets, available in various sizes, offer optimal protection for firearms by keeping them safe from prying eyes and burglars. They are also equipped with key or code locks to ensure the security of the weapons.

What type of luggage or storage to choose?

For safe transportation of rifles, straps are essential accessories. Rifle straps are available in various sizes and models to fit all types of weapons. They are made from durable materials to provide maximum durability and ensure secure transportation.

At Ducatillon Austria, we also offer practical pouches, bags, and cartridge holders as storage accessories for hunters. Pouches make it easy to transport small hunting gear such as decoys, calls, and cartridges. Bags, on the other hand, are ideal for storing hunting clothing and equipment. Finally, cartridge holders are essential accessories for hunters using shotguns. They allow for safe storage of cartridges and keep them within reach.

Cases and gun sleeves for rifles are also very useful products for safely transporting firearms. Gun sleeves are designed to protect rifles from shocks during transportation, while cases are ideal for storing and transporting multiple weapons at once. Cases are available in various sizes and are equipped with padding to optimally protect the weapons.

You can also find wall hooks for rifles, which are very convenient for storing weapons in limited space. They allow for safe hanging of rifles and keep them within reach. Locks for rifle cabinets are also essential accessories to ensure the security of weapons. They allow you to lock the cabinets and prevent unauthorized access to the weapons.

In summary, the "Baggage and Storage" category at Ducatillon Austria offers a wide selection of quality products for hunters who are concerned about safely storing and transporting their equipment. From strong cabinets for multiple rifles to wall hooks for rifles, as well as bags, pouches, and cartridge holders, the products offered cater to all the needs of hunters. You can also find backpacks and travel bags on Backpack and Travel Bag.