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Your hen house requires a minimum of facilities for the well-being and development of your hens. Among these facilities, the nesting box is one of the most important. Discover our range of laying hen houses on Ducatillon.

The nesting box: an essential part of the hen house

The purpose of a hen house is to shelter the hens. It is a place where chickens can sleep and lay eggs. To do this, they need two things in particular: a perch to sleep on and a nesting box to lay eggs. It is the latter that we are interested in here. We have suitable nesting boxes and accessories for your chicken farm.

Chickens usually lay their eggs in one place. If there is no nesting box, they will tend to isolate themselves in a quiet corner to lay and incubate their eggs. It is therefore in your interest to create this space in the henhouse yourself. We have just what you need in our dedicated category.

What is a nesting box ?

The nesting box allows the hen to lay eggs in the best possible conditions and in complete peace of mind. It is a place that must be sufficiently comfortable and secure for the poultry. A nesting box must therefore meet a number of important characteristics:

  • - It must be in the dark
  • - Protected from wind, cold and moisture
  • - Comfortable with straw. It is also important to ensure that the egg does not break.

Where to put the nesting box ?

It is advisable to place the nesting box high up. In general, it should be easy for you to access to collect the eggs, but quiet enough for the hen to feel safe. A dark, enclosed area is ideal.

How high should a nest box be ?

The nesting box should not be on the ground, but raised, as should the perches. The height of the nesting box is usually 30 to 40 cm, which is slightly lower than the height of a perch. Also make sure that it is not directly underneath to protect it from droppings.

How do I get chickens to lay eggs in the nesting box ?

Chickens tend to lay their eggs in the same place. However, it is important to ensure that they lay their eggs in the nesting box provided. In order for your chickens to acclimatise to their new nest, they must already be in the conditions mentioned above. Therefore, make sure that they are provided with enough quiet and darkness. Dummy eggs can also be used to encourage egg laying. These will give the hen confidence to come to the egg-laying house.

How many laying boxes should there be in a poultry house?

It is not necessary to have one nesting box per number of hens. Several birds can lay eggs in the same place. For example, there is usually one nesting box for every 4 laying hens.

At Ducatillon, we offer different models of nest boxes: professional nest boxes, automatic nest boxes, plastic nest boxes with or without egg collectors. We also offer accessories such as fake eggs and products to promote egg laying.