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Bird food




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In this category, Ducatillon offers a selection of products ideal for feeding birds. From treats to seeds, these bird foods will provide all the nutritional requirements for both domestic and wild birds.

Healthy and complete bird food

Whether they are breeding birds, domestic birds or wild birds, these animals need a very specific diet. This diet varies according to the size and species of the animal.

Most birds need protein and feed mainly on insects such as midges, caterpillars or even butterflies. However, some birds require a higher energy intake and love fruits and vegetables.

It is therefore important to provide a rich and varied diet to give your winged companions the necessary vitamins, essential minerals and proteins.

As well as providing the perfect amount of energy and nutrition, these bird foods will keep your birds lively and healthy.

What are the different types of bird food?

There are countless birds and variety in food will allow you to attract different species. It is important to know that some birds are granivores, such as sparrows and greenfinches, and others are more insectivorous, such as robins.

To meet the needs of your birds, you will find different types of food on our site:

  • - Seed mixes: They attract all birds of the air such as titmice, sparrows, finches or even great tits... Enhanced with all kinds of seeds, insects and sometimes dried fruits and vegetables, these mixes contain high quality raw materials
  • - Hemp seed is perfect for chickens and birds. It is an ideal alternative to soya.
  • - Semi-moist and ready-to-use feed. Available for both yellow and red birds, it provides the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • - Niger seeds are rich in oil and therefore in energy.
  • - Hand-raised bird food provides a healthy and balanced diet for all young birds.

Our bird food, in seed or semi-moist form, is packed with vitamins and minerals to ensure that even the most colourful birds get the perfect colour.

Once you've chosen your bird food, don't hesitate to select the perfect feeder! These feeders have been designed to prevent large birds from raiding the food. In addition, they also help to limit mould and seed spillage.