Egg and butter utensil

Egg and butter utensil




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Welcome to the category Tools for Eggs and Butter from Ducatillon United Kingdom . If you are a cooking enthusiast and enjoy working with ingredients like eggs and butter, you're in the right place. We offer a wide selection of tools and accessories to help you prepare and cook these ingredients with ease and efficiency.

What will you find in this category?

Let's start with our egg scissors. If you've ever tried to cut an egg in half with a knife, you know how difficult and dangerous it can be. Our egg scissors are designed to make this task much easier and safer. The sharp and sturdy blade of the scissors allows you to easily cut the egg in half without damaging the yolk or risking injury.

As for butter, we offer various accessories for working with this delicious ingredient. Our set of butter molds in silicone or wood allows you to shape the butter to your liking, creating beautiful patterns to impress your guests during dinners. If you prefer to make your own butter, our butter churn is an essential choice. The butter churn enables you to easily make your own butter from cream, with complete control over the quality.

To prepare perfectly poached eggs, our egg tongs and our set of 20 bags for poached eggs are indispensable tools. The egg tongs allow you to easily break the egg and keep it together, greatly facilitating the preparation. The set of 20 bags for poached eggs is an easy and convenient way to make perfectly poached eggs every time, without having to deal with broken eggs or egg whites scattered in the water.

In addition to these tools and accessories, we also offer a selection of egg dishes, such as egg pans and ceramic casseroles, as well as butter accessories, such as butter graters and butter dishes for optimal storage.

At Ducatillon United Kingdom, we take pride in offering quality products to make the preparation and enjoyment of your favorite ingredients easier. We hope that our selection of tools and accessories in the Tools for Eggs and Butter category will help you prepare and cook these ingredients with ease and safety. Feel free to explore our complete range of products to discover all the tools you need to cook efficiently and conveniently. You can also explore our category Kitchen Utensils for Culinary Preparation.