Trapping and Poisoning rats and mice

Trapping and Poisoning rats and mice




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As the summer draws to a close and temperatures begin to drop, you may find that some unwanted guests have decided to make your home their own. The cooler seasons mean that more mice and other rodents will start to seek shelter in homes, so it's important to be prepared to avoid this kind of inconvenience. Mice and rats can be more than just a nuisance - they can quickly invade your space while spreading disease and damaging property. At Ducatillon, we offer a number of ways to defend against these rodents and other pests.

How do you get rid of mice in a house ?

If you have already restricted access to your home and in particular to food and this is not enough, it is time to get effective mouse and rat traps. There are several types of traps that can vary considerably in cost, installation, function and design. The best place to set them is in the most vulnerable area(s) of your home: consider that mice and rats usually run along walls and also hide behind rubbish.

Before investing in traps and repellents, here are some tips to avoid potential invasions :

  • - Seal all potential entrances: look for holes in your foundation and plug basement pipes or other entry points. Be sure to fill any large holes with steel wool, which mice cannot gnaw through, and place screens on chimneys.
  • - Protect your food: keep your kitchen clean and store all unsealed food (and pet food) in airtight containers.
  • - Seal your bins properly

Which rat and mouse trap to use

If, despite all the precautions mentioned above, your home is infested, there are several trapping systems and repellents available to you.

The electric rat and mouse trap is a very effective method of controlling rodents. You are investing in a long-term solution here, as it is reusable.

The mouse trap is easy to set up. It is made of metal and therefore strong. In addition, it is the cheapest method of trapping.

Mouse traps are devices for catching rats and mice without killing them and releasing them outside your home. They have the advantage of being large enough to catch several at once by luring them with a bait.

We also offer rat and mouse repellents to be placed in the areas most frequented by rodents.