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Hunting scarves and balaclavas are essential accessories for professional and amateur hunters. They are designed to provide extra protection against the elements such as cold, wind and rain. Ducatillon Austria has selected for you a range of hunting scarves and balaclavas adapted to your needs.

The material of the hunting scarves

Hunting scarves and balaclavas are made from high quality materials such as cotton, polyester, wool and nylon to ensure excellent water resistance and protection against the elements. In addition, they are often equipped with technical features such as insulating layers, air vents and reflective strips to enhance safety and comfort.

How to choose a scarf or balaclavas?

You should choose a hunting scarf or balaclava that suits your needs and personal style. Hunting scarves and balaclavas should be wide enough to allow for good air circulation, but also tight enough to provide maximum protection from the cold. It is important to choose a scarf or choker that is easy to put on and take off, so that you don't lose time in an emergency. Our models are available in orange, khaki or camouflage, in one size. The balaclavas will allow you to cover part of your face to remain discreet in contact with animals.

In summary, hunting scarves and balaclavas are a must-have for your hunting days. They offer protection, comfort and style to ensure an enjoyable and successful hunting experience. Find all our scarf and balaclava models at Ducatillon Austria.