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Food, Health and Hygiene





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Do you have pets at home or do you wish to welcome them in the best possible health conditions? Ducatillon Austria has selected for you a range of quality products that meet the health, feeding and hygiene needs of your animals.

Animal feeding

It differs according to the animal species and its category. The age of the animal is also important because it will have different needs depending on the stage of growth it is at.

For ducklings, geese and swans from the first day of their birth to 12 weeks of age, we advise you to feed them crumbs or pellets for starting and growth which contain proteins, vitamins and minerals.

These foods have a thickness adapted to the animal concerned.

For chicks and hens, choose a starter meal which facilitates the ingestion of the food and its digestion. To be used from the first day to the beginning of the laying period, i.e. about 18 weeks.

For broilers, it is recommended to use a meal composed of wheat, soybean feed, corn, calcium carbonate. The feed will ensure a balanced and fast growth and weight gain.

To continue laying eggs, special laying pellets are ideal. Composed of minerals and vitamins, they will help to form a solid eggshell.

The hygiene of your breeding

To keep your animals clean and to avoid the propagation of diseases, Ducatillon Austria recommends the use of straw, sold in 5 kg bales, to absorb droppings and urine. It can be used in henhouses, hutches and cages.

The litter will have the same objective of absorption and will be appreciated by the animals for its texture and stability under the paws. With its anti-parasite and vermifuge properties, diatomaceous earth will satisfy your requirements. It will be useful to rid your dog of ticks or fleas, to mask the odors of your cat's litter.

Diatomaceous soil also allows your birds, poultry, rabbits, cats and dogs to enjoy a better plumage or coat. Always keep it dry for best results.

Animal health

Happy and healthy animals will have a longer life and greater productivity. For this, it is recommended to use food supplements, which can be used for game, rabbits, poultry, birds... They aim to bring vitamins and sugar to the body during the most difficult periods of the year.

There is also a specific solution for swollen bellies of rabbits, to be treated with food supplements.

There are also multivitamin solutions that allow growth, resistance and health of pigeons and poultry.

During the moulting period, you must pay attention to the good plumage of your birds, which is a determining factor in having a well-fertilized egg.

Finally, you will find in our range of products for the health of your animals, complementary food allowing to fight against the installation and the proliferation of internal parasites such as worms in ducks, hens, chicks, rabbits, game birds and ducklings.