Cooking on a hotplate

Cooking on a hotplate





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Griddle cooking is a popular way to prepare food in the kitchen. Griddles can be electric or gas, and can be built into a stove or purchased separately. Griddles can be used to make stir fries, stews, grills and even pancakes. Ducatillon Austria offers you the best utensils for your griddle preparations.

Electric cooktops are often easier to use and clean than gas cooktops. Electric griddles have precise temperature controls, which allows for precise adjustment of the cooking temperature. Electric plates can also be equipped with variable temperature cooking zones to accommodate different types of pots and pans.

Gas cooktops offer faster, more responsive cooking. Gas plates can be more difficult to clean than electric plates, but they can also offer better cooking because they can reach higher temperatures.

It's important to choose a quality griddle with non-stick coatings for easy cleaning and to avoid scratching. It is also important to check if the plates can be used with induction pots and pans.

You should choose a cooktop that suits your needs based on the size of your kitchen, the amount of food you prepare on a regular basis and your budget. Also consider making sure it's easy to use and maintain to ensure safe use and prolong its life.

There are several useful appliances for griddle cooking:


These are the basics for griddle cooking. There are different types of griddles, such as electric, gas and ceramic. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but all can be used to sauté foods, grill steaks and vegetables, and melt cheeses.

Sauté pans:

These are kitchen utensils used for sauteing food. They usually have high edges to hold ingredients and a handle for easy handling. Sauté pans are usually made of stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic or aluminum, each with its own advantages in terms of heat conductivity and durability.

Spatulas, forks and barbecue brushes:

These tools are used to manipulate food on the griddle. Spatulas are used to flip food, forks are used to hold food in place and barbecue brushes are used to brush food with barbecue sauce or oil.

It is important to choose quality cookware for griddle cooking to get the best results and to maintain them properly to prevent them from deteriorating quickly. Ducatillon Austria will help you find the best cookware for your griddle cooking.