Hunter's equipment

Hunter's equipment





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You are a hunter and looking for the best equipment to accompany you on your hunting trips? Ducatillon Austria has selected a complete range of decoys, bird calls, knives, optics, bags and hunting seats.

Calls and decoys

Small and light accessories, the decoys, which allow you to reproduce the sound of wild animals, mallards, pheasants, teals are indispensable in your backpack. Calls more often reproduce a bird physically in order to attract similar animals to join it.

You will find pheasant decoys, thrushes, starlings, crows. We also offer models of pigeons, crows and mallards with rotating wings.

Luggage and storage

When you are not using your hunting weapons and accessories, you need to store and clean them. We offer a range of gun cabinets to store your weapons safely. They can accommodate between 4 and 8 guns and scopes. You can opt for a rifle case or a rifle case with a lock.

You can equip yourself with a scabbard or a sock for rifle or shotgun to be able to preserve your weapon in the field before using it. This accessory will fit easily in your pocket.

Cartridge belts are a must for hunting. In the form of a pouch or belt, your ammunition will always be within reach.

And to carry smaller items, a backpack between 35 and 75 liters will be ideal.


Ducatillon Austria has selected a range of folding and multifunctional pocket knives for all your outdoor activities. Three blade knives with a sharp blade, a saw blade and a skinning knife are perfect for hunting. Survival knives will be useful for the more adventurous. The skinning knives will allow you to easily cut up your game without damaging it.

We suggest you add a sharpening stone to your essential accessories to always have a sharp blade.

Gun care and accessories

Gun greases and oils will be effective in keeping your rifles and shotguns in good condition after use. Accompany them with cleaning brushes or a complete cleaning box.

To be more efficient at shooting game, choose from our range of lighted sights or red dot sights.

Car equipment

To keep your car clean on the way to the hunt, get a back seat cover and a seat cover. You will be able to transport your dog, your game and your equipment without risks!

Shooting protection

Anti noise helmets, anti-recoil stock shoes or recoil dampeners, all means are good to be protected during shooting.

Hunting seat

The hunting seat is one of the accessories needed for hunting. Our models are 55 cm to 80 cm high, made of wood and foldable for easy transportation. Another option is the swivel bucket stool, allowing you to sit anywhere while carrying your gear at the same time.