Big game hunting

Big game hunting




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Welcome to the Big Game Hunting category at Ducatillon Austria, your ultimate source for high-quality hunting equipment. Whether you are passionate about deer hunting, roe deer hunting, wild boar hunting, or other big game hunting, we have everything you need for an optimal hunting experience. Explore our extensive range of products, including deer and roe deer game calls, attractants for wild boar, large game salt blocks, tracking collars, game bags, battue seats, and much more.

Quality game calls to attract wildlife:

The success of a big game hunt often relies on the use of effective game calls. At Ducatillon Austria, we offer a selection of premium-quality deer and roe deer game calls designed to mimic the sounds and natural behaviors of these animals. With our game calls, you will increase your chances of attracting wildlife nearby, thereby improving your shooting opportunities during your hunting outings.

Attractants to maximize your success:

To maximize your success in wild boar hunting and other big game hunts, Ducatillon Austria offers a range of attractants specifically designed to lure these animals. Our wild boar attractants are formulated with high-quality ingredients that emit powerful scents, stimulating the game's instinctive search behavior. By using our attractants, you can create areas of interest to attract game near your hunting spot.

Essential equipment for effective hunting:

In addition to game calls and attractants, Ducatillon Austria provides a wide selection of essential hunting equipment for big game hunting. Our large game salt blocks provide a valuable source of minerals for animals, attracting them to your hunting territory. Tracking collars allow you to monitor game movements and optimize your hunting strategies. And for convenient game transport, our spacious game bags are perfectly suitable. Lastly, our battue seats offer comfort and stability during your waiting hours.

Quality and expertise for successful hunting:

At Ducatillon Austria, we understand the importance of reliable and high-quality equipment for a successful big game hunt. That's why we carefully select all our products from top brands and manufacturers. We provide you with tested and proven equipment designed to withstand the most demanding conditions of outdoor hunting. Whether you are a passionate hunter or a seasoned professional, you can rely on Ducatillon Austria to provide you with the necessary tools for an exceptional hunting experience. Also, explore our category of Quality hunting clothing and footwear.