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Food preservation is an important step in the kitchen, whether for practical reasons or to maintain the quality and freshness of products. That's why Ducatillon Belgium has created a category dedicated to preservation, where you will find a variety of tools and devices to store your food optimally.

What are the preservation devices and utensils?

The vacuum machine is one of the flagship products in this category. It allows you to remove air from preservation bags to create an airtight environment and prevent bacterial growth. Bags for vacuum machines are also available in this category, making it easy to perform long-term preservation. Preservation trays, on the other hand, are practical for storing food in a refrigerator or freezer. With their airtight lid, they protect food from odors and cross-contamination.

At Ducatillon Belgium, we also offer beeswax food preservation wraps, which are also very useful for those looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to plastic wrap. These wraps envelop food in a layer of wax that adheres to the food to protect it from air and extend its shelf life.

Boiling sterilizers are another option for preserving your food in jars or cans. These devices sterilize the containers and lids to remove bacteria and extend the shelf life of the food. Electric sterilizers, on the other hand, are convenient for those seeking a quick and efficient solution.

Finally, sterilization thermometers are an essential tool to ensure that the sterilization temperature is reached and maintained to guarantee food safety.

Furthermore, food preservation is an important topic, especially to avoid food waste and to preserve food for future consumption. With the preservation products offered on the website, you can store your food for a longer time, reduce waste, and save money by avoiding having to discard expired food.

In summary, the Preservation category of Ducatillon Belgium offers a variety of tools and devices to store food optimally. Whether you want to extend the shelf life of your food, save money, or preserve the quality of your products, you will certainly find the products you need in this category. Feel free to browse the entire selection and order now for fast delivery and excellent customer service. "You can also discover other kitchen products by clicking on the following link Steam sterilizers, electric sterilizers, canning pots.