Evolutionary growth and fattening cage

Evolutionary growth and fattening cage




€105.00 - €675.00

The Evolving cage for growth and fattening category on the Ducatillon Austria website offers a wide selection of cages for poultry farming. Among the products available, you can find multi-level quail fattening cages, growth cages, and much more.

What are fattening cages used for?

The multi-level quail fattening cages are ideal for quail breeders, whether they are professionals or amateurs. These cages allow vertical farming to optimize the available space and accommodate more birds. The multi-level cages are also practical for facilitating the feeding and monitoring of quails. Breeders can easily access each level of the cage to feed and inspect the animals. The cages are equipped with a waste recovery system for optimal hygiene in farming.

The growth cages, on the other hand, enable the growth of poultry in a controlled and secure environment. These cages are specially designed for chicks, ducklings, and other young birds. They provide sufficient space for each bird to develop properly while minimizing the risks of injuries and trampling. The growth cages are also equipped with feeders and waterers for optimal feeding and hydration of the animals.

The farming cages offered in this category are also very convenient for poultry breeders who want to optimize their space. The cages are easily stackable to save space and provide a pleasant living environment for the birds. The cages are also equipped with a waste collection tray for impeccable hygiene.

How to choose a suitable growth cage for my needs?

Before purchasing an evolving cage for growth and fattening, it is important to consider the needs of your animals and choose the cage that best suits their size and behavior. It is also important to consider the ease of maintenance and the quality of cage construction to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for your animals.

In summary, the "Evolving cage for growth and fattening" category on the Ducatillon.at website offers a wide selection of cages for poultry farming. These cages provide a safe, controlled, and hygienic environment for the birds while optimizing the available space for breeders. Both professional and amateur breeders will find quality products for their poultry farming in this category. Don't hesitate to also explore our category of Animal housing: buy modular cage for poultry on our site!