Shorts and Bermuda shorts

Shorts and Bermuda shorts




€15.00 - €45.00


In hot weather, hunting trousers can be hard to bear. So we have just the thing for you to continue to enjoy hunting without suffering from high temperatures: hunting shorts and Bermuda shorts. Short clothing specially designed to dress hunters in summer. These lightweight outfits have been designed to enhance the experience of hunters in the field as they are both comfortable and practical. Let's find out the features of this selection of shorts and Bermuda shorts together.

The features of our hunting shorts ?

Lightweight and breathable

These garments are made from materials that offer optimal comfort so you can fully enjoy the pleasures of hunting. Made from cotton and/or polyester, you'll appreciate the lightweight feel of the fabric and its high breathability, which will keep you comfortable in your shorts or Bermuda shorts in hot weather. You can stay on the move while feeling perfectly comfortable. Due to its material, the shorts can be easily washed and also dry quickly.


The elastic waistband and belt loops allow you to tighten your shorts around the waist. You who have to move around, get down, get up, you need to have a bottom that can keep up with your different movements. With these different products on Ducatillon, you are sure to have a well-fitted garment for total freedom of movement...


Being comfortable in your hunting outfit is not enough for a hunter. In fact, hunting requires a minimum of equipment, which includes the practical features of a garment. Whether it is a pair of Bermuda shorts or a pair of shorts, you have at your disposal different elements that will make your life easier. Thus, among these elements, we can cite :

  • - The many spacious pockets for storing your equipment. Some of them close for more security.
  • - The cartridge belts for your ammunition.
  • - A tool holder system

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