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What is a grain mill ?

A mill is a device that reduces solid materials into small pieces by grinding or crushing them. The cereal mill is therefore used to grind different types of cereals: maize, wheat, rye, barley, oats, etc. and other grains: peas, buckwheat, beans, linseed, etc. The crushed grains are generally used to feed ruminants. Crushed grains are easier to digest for your livestock and the nutrients are thus more easily absorbed.

It is therefore an essential accessory for farmers to feed their animals. The cereal mill will allow you to obtain a grind adapted to different animals: cows, horses, pigs, poultry... At Ducatillon, we offer different models adapted to your needs for the feeding of your livestock: electric mill, manual, a flattener, a gin...

How does a cereal mill for livestock work?

The electric mill is composed of a funnel-shaped upper part with a sieve at the bottom with several different sizes depending on the desired result. Underneath is a dust-proof drum that will receive the grain or cereal once it has been ground. To use it, you just have to pour your food preparation for your livestock in the desired quantity and press the button to activate the machine. The mix is then in the lower part of the mill and you can then pour the contents into a feeder. For a manual cereal mill, as the name suggests, you do the grinding yourself using a crank over a bucket.

The different types of grain mills

At Ducatillon, we offer a wide range of grain mills to make your daily life easier in the management of your livestock. Here are the different solutions we offer:

  • - The manual mill: it allows to grind any type of grain, it is especially adapted to the small breeding and for small quantities. This mill is equipped with an anti-dust filter.
  • - Electric mill: This will allow you to crush larger quantities of grain faster than with a manual mill. You can choose different grain thicknesses by changing the sieve size. Use for small livestock, poultry, chicks or for your fishing bait. Our automatic mills are equipped with dust containers.
  • - Flattener: This object is used to flatten all kinds of cereals or large seeds. It is the ideal equipment for your horses and ruminants: sheep, cows…
  • - Grain separator or sheller: This machine is specially designed for maize. It allows to detach the grain when it is sufficiently dry. It can be manual or automatic.

To ensure quality feed for your chicken, horse, sheep, cow and other livestock, discover all our grain mills quickly.