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Welcome to the category of insects at Ducatillon Austria! We're your trusted partner for all your insect management needs. Whether you're looking for solutions to repel annoying insects or to catch them effectively, our extensive range of products will meet all your needs.

What traps against insects do we have?

  • Wasp traps: To get rid of unwanted wasps, check out our selection of wasp traps. These devices allow you to capture wasps safely and effectively, ensuring tranquility in your outdoor spaces.
  • Insect exterminators: Our insect exterminators offer a practical and quick solution to eliminate flying insects. With their innovative design, they attract and eliminate insects without using harmful chemicals.
  • Fly-Pockets Traps: If flies are causing you trouble, our fly-pockets traps are the ideal solution. Easy to use and eco-friendly, they attract flies and capture them hygienically, providing you with a healthier and more pleasant environment.
  • Stop Insects: Protect yourself from stinging insects with our stop insects solutions. Whether it's mosquitoes, gnats, or other flying insects, our products will let you enjoy your outdoor time without being disturbed.
  • Fly Ribbons: Our fly ribbons are a traditional yet effective method to catch flies. Simply hang them in areas where flies are present and watch them stick to the adhesive ribbon, offering you a non-toxic solution to get rid of flying insects.
  • Replacement Nets for Insect Traps: To ensure continuous use of your insect traps, we offer high-quality replacement nets. These nets are easy to install and ensure an optimal capture of insects, extending the lifespan of your trap.

At Ducatillon Austria, we understand the importance of effectively managing insects to preserve your environment. Our wide range of products offers practical, durable, and eco-friendly solutions to eliminate nuisance insects. Browse our website to discover all our products and rely on our expertise in insect management. You can also explore our category of Hunting Territory Equipment and Decoration.