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Your faithful four-legged friend needs a shelter to take refuge and rest. See our section dedicated to dog houses.

What is a dog house ?

A dog house is a small hut often made of wood or plastic designed to shelter a dog. Most of the time, this dog house is designed for the outside, to be placed on your terrace or in your garden, but there are also some for the inside. There are many models to fit the needs of your pet, whether it is a small, medium or large dog. It is an essential accessory for owners who want to offer their pet all the comfort it deserves. It is a comfortable habitat where he will be able to take refuge, rest and sleep as he wishes.

How to choose a dog house ?

To ensure optimal comfort for your faithful canine companion, you must take into account several elements to choose the right dog house for your dog. Among the elements to take into account, we can mention the materials, the dimensions of the shelter as well as the roof. Here are some tips to make the best choice.

Regarding the materials of your dog house, we recommend you to choose wood. The models we offer are made of wood. If the plastic kennel is a more economical choice and stands out for its lightness and ease of movement, it will be much less durable than a wooden kennel. If you want to choose a solid habitat that will last a long time, this is the choice we recommend. Its price is higher but this is due to its high quality. In addition to its durability, wood guarantees excellent thermal insulation. It is also very aesthetic and brings a natural touch to your exterior.

The dimensions of the dog house depend of course on the size of your dog. The shelter must be able to adapt to the morphology of your pet, which must have enough space to feel comfortable and move freely. However, we also advise you not to buy a dog house that is too large for your dog. The dog house is kept at the right temperature by the animal's body heat. Your dog also needs to feel safe and secure. At Ducatillon, we offer four different sizes of dog houses. We advise you to choose a shelter that is no more than twice the length of the dog and the height should not exceed one and a half times the height at the withers.

For the roof, you have two possibilities :

  • - A sloping roof: this is ideal for areas where the kennel is regularly in contact with rain. It is the ideal shape to evacuate water.
  • - A flat roof: this will make it easier to clean your kennel. It can be removed easily.Moreover, it allows the dog to climb on it to enjoy the sun on sunny days!

What accessories should you add to your dog house ?

Here are some accessories to add to your dog house for your dog's comfort :

  • - A door: this will further insulate the dog house and protect your pet from wind and weather. You can install a swinging door or a door with plastic flaps.
  • - A bed: choose a mattress, a cushion, a dog bed or a blanket on the floor to create a real cosy nest for your faithful companion. The little extra: remember to humidify it in summer to keep it cool.
  • - A water bowl: remember to provide a water point nearby for your dog's hydration. You can also put his food bowl near the dog house.