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If you are looking for a shelter for your pets, especially rabbits or rodents, choose one of our hutches! In different sizes and made of different materials, it is the ideal equipment for the well-being and safety of your animals.

What is a hutch ?

A hutch is a shelter intended mainly for rabbits and domestic rodents. This cage or hutch exists in different sizes and models. Whichever hutch you choose, it will contribute to your pet's development by allowing it to rest and feed. In this habitat, your rabbits have a comfortable living space.

How to choose a hutch ?

First and foremost, you want a hutch where your rabbits will feel comfortable, where they will be able to grow in complete safety in a comfortable living space. To be sure to choose the right hutch, take into account several elements :

  • - Size: for a breeding in good conditions, it is important to offer a sufficiently spacious environment to your rabbits. There are different hutch sizes to choose from depending on the number of rabbits. We offer several sizes with one or two floors or 4 or 6 cages to assemble.
  • - Materials: we offer wooden or concrete models. Both are known to be strong and durable. They will ensure optimal protection for your animals.
  • - The roof: the top of the hutch must be easy to remove and put back on, which is more practical for the maintenance of the shelter.

If your hutch is located outside, we recommend raising the shelter to protect your rabbits from cold and humidity. Place it away from drafts as well.

What components should be included in a hutch ?

You need to equip your hutch to ensure optimal conditions for your rabbits and rodents. Among the essential accessories to put in a rabbit hutch, we can mention :

      • - The feeder: for food
      • - The drinking trough: for drinking
      • - The litter box : for the needs

Note that the feeder and the waterer should be fixed to the door of the hutch and not on the floor to avoid getting dirty.

Rabbits in the hutch

If you are going to house several rabbits, we advise you not to put males and females together except during breeding season. You can put two or three rabbits per hutch depending on the size of the hutch. Pregnant females should be kept separate from the adults and the young rabbits should be kept separate from the adults.

How to maintain a hutch ?

It is essential to clean your rabbits' cage regularly. This avoids the risk of diseases or parasites. For hutch maintenance, use products that are non-toxic for your animals. Clean the litter box at least once a week. After taking out the rabbits or rodents, wash the interior and exterior walls and floors with hot water and disinfect to prevent insect infestation. Also remember to clean the accessories.