Mole trapping

Mole trapping




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If you're looking for an effective solution to eliminate moles from your garden, trapping is one of the most popular methods. Mole trapping involves placing traps in the tunnels dug by the moles to capture them. At Ducatillon Austria, we have selected our best pest traps for you.

There are several types of traps for moles, including pinch traps, scoop traps, and harpoon traps. The choice of trap will depend on the size of the mole and the depth of the tunnel. It's important to choose a high-quality trap and place it properly to maximize the chances of capture.

Mole trapping is an ecological and effective method to eliminate these pests. However, you need to be patient and persistent as it can take several days to capture a mole. It's also important to take measures to prevent moles from reappearing, such as installing fences or using natural repellents.

In summary, mole trapping is an effective method to ecologically remove these pests from your garden. It's important to choose the right type of trap and place it properly to maximize the capture chances. With patience and perseverance, you can get rid of moles for good.

Is trapping a mole dangerous?

Trapping moles can be dangerous if you're not sufficiently cautious. It's important to follow the provided instructions with the trap and take safety measures to prevent accidents.

It's important to wear protective gloves when handling traps, as moles can smell human scent on traps and avoid them. Additionally, it's important to properly place the trap in the mole's tunnel and ensure it's securely fixed to avoid unnecessary injuries.

It's also important to regularly monitor the traps to prevent moles from getting caught in the trap for an extended period. If a mole is captured, it's important to handle it carefully and release it far from your garden.

In summary, trapping moles can be dangerous if you don't take necessary safety measures. It's important to follow the trap's instructions, wear protective gloves, and regularly monitor the traps to prevent accidents. Find similar products by clicking on the following link: Trapping for hunting.