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There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day of hunting with a sweaty first layer of clothing and uncomfortable chafing. That's why it's important to choose hunting underwear that can regulate your body temperature.

Why wear thermal underwear for hunting ?

Choosing the right underwear is essential and if you are wondering why, there are many advantages:

Keeping you warm

One of the main benefits of using thermal underwear while hunting is that it keeps you warm during the winter months or on cold mornings. Cold is a major problem for hunters. It also means that you won't suffer from that stuffy feeling of wearing too many layers if you have a single layer of perfectly good underwear. <h3 A big problem that these underwear solve is that if you sweat or stay too long in the cold, you get a cold. By absorbing your sweat, these thermal devices greatly reduce the risk of catching a cold.

Optimising comfort

Thermal underwear can be adapted to your body shape to avoid the discomfort of layers of clothing rubbing against your skin. In addition, they are designed with materials that are very comfortable to wear.

How to choose hunting underwear ?

There are a few things you need to pay attention to. Do you need something that will keep you warm or cool? Or something that can regulate your body temperature? For that you need the right fabric.

Hunting clothes do not stop at jackets, jumpers, trousers or t-shirts. It is equally important to have a good set of underwear, as this is the closest to the body. The inner layer of clothing, which stays close to the skin throughout the hunt, must be both comfortable and functional. It should keep the body warm and wick away perspiration so that you don't feel clammy and cold when you are standing still. When choosing hunting underwear, you should take into account the temperature outside and the degree of physical activity.

As with all products, there are different features to consider when choosing the right one for you.


The different materials used in some thermal underwear have many advantages and disadvantages. Most thermal underwear is made from synthetic fibres such as spandex, polymer, nylon or polyester, which are ideal for cold environments. However, natural fibres are much more effective than synthetic fibres in keeping you warm. The most commonly used natural material is cotton, as it is an excellent insulator that is very comfortable.

Breathability and comfort

If you try on your new thermal underwear, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. You don't want to be hot or sweaty, you want to be at the right temperature and comfortable, so you need to get underwear that is highly breathable. Comfort also depends on the fit. Choose a shape that suits your body type and in which you are not too tight. This will ensure that you have enough room to move on the field. Also make sure that the material does not cause itching or discomfort to avoid any discomfort.

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