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The dog leash is a must-have. You will be going out several times a day with your faithful companion and it is therefore an everyday accessory. At Ducatillon, we have thought of everything and we offer a wide range of products to make the right choice.

What is the purpose of a dog leash?

A dog leash is a way of securing your pet when you are walking him. It prevents your dog from wandering too far away from you when you are out walking and allows you to restrain him if necessary. A dog's behavior can sometimes be unpredictable, so a leash is also an important safety accessory. You keep control of the direction he takes to ensure he doesn't cross the road unexpectedly or run away. There are different types of leashes, differing in length and attachment system. In all cases, it is attached to your dog's collar.

A leash for hunting dogs

Our products include leashes that are perfectly suited for hunters and their dogs. These leashes are long enough to allow the animal to cover as much ground as possible to track game. They are usually orange or khaki in color, like the hunters' clothing.

Choosing the right dog leash

As this is an accessory that you will use very regularly, it is important to make the right choice! This will depend on several factors:


Depending on the size and strength of your dog, you need to consider the strength of your leash to ensure that it does not break when pulled. The strength depends primarily on the material used and the thickness. At Ducatillon we have ensured that all our products are strong enough.

The length of the leash

There are short leashes and long leashes. It all depends on your needs. A long leash will give your dog more freedom, while a short leash can be more secure. Some models also allow both, depending on the context of use. The length can vary between 1m20 and 10m depending on the model.

The attachment system

You can choose between a snap hook to attach to the dog's collar and a lasso leash system with an integrated collar to put directly around the dog's neck.

Our different models of dog leashes

At Ducatillon, we have a wide range of dog leads to choose from, so you can select the one that best suits your needs. Here are some of the products in our range:

  • - The lasso harness is used as a short leash, long leash or shoulder strap for dogs
  • - The orange biothane leash is smooth to the touch and easy to clean. It does not harden in the cold, and is non-brittle. It can be up to 10m long.
  • - A classic leather leash of 1.10m.
  • - The 1.50 m khaki lasso leash with integrated collar
  • - The special multi-position tracker leash, equipped with two snap hooks and a free ring The safety harness for the car. This prevents the dog from escaping through the window or door. It fits on the seat belts and can be used for walking.
  • - Double and triple leashes for attaching two or three dogs to the same leash.