Gourmet cooking

Gourmet cooking





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Gourmet cooking is a term that describes a form of high end cooking that emphasizes high quality ingredients and innovative cooking techniques. Ducatillon Austria has selected for you its best products for your home preparations.

Professional and amateur chefs alike use cooking techniques such as braising, plancha, sous vide and roasting to create tasty and aesthetically appealing dishes.

The different cooking techniques:


Braising is a cooking technique that involves using hot embers to cook food. This cooking method can be used to prepare meats, fish, vegetables and even fruits. Embers allow food to be cooked slowly, maintaining its natural flavor and softness. Embers are often used to prepare dishes such as barbecue and roasts.

The plancha:

The plancha is a similar cooking technique to the braise, but it uses a flat stainless steel or cast iron plate to cook food. Food is placed directly on the hot plate and turned evenly for even cooking. The plancha is often used to prepare dishes such as grilled vegetables, fish and steaks.

Vacuum cooking:

Vacuum cooking is a cooking technique that involves placing food in an airtight bag and cooking it in a water bath at a specific temperature. This method of cooking maintains the nutrients and flavors of the food because it is cooked slowly at a low temperature. Vacuum cooking is often used to prepare dishes such as fish, meat and vegetables.


Roasting is a cooking technique that involves putting food in the oven at high temperatures. This method of cooking caramelizes the food to give it a crispy crust and keeps it soft inside. Roasting is often used to prepare dishes such as chicken, duck and roast beef.

Gourmet cooking is a constantly evolving field, with new techniques being developed all the time, but these few cooking techniques mentioned here are widely used and are considered must-haves for professional and amateur chefs looking to improve their cooking. These cooking techniques allow to create tasty, aesthetically appealing and nutritious dishes that can be enjoyed by the taste buds. Ducatillon Austria will assist you in cooking your favorite dishes.