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The importance of good hunting gear

Hunting is a tradition throughout the world, and you need to be properly equipped, not only for a successful hunt but also for your safety. That's why we've chosen to provide you with some essential equipment that will make your hunting trips memorable.

Choosing the right clothing for the game

The choice of tent, rifle and food are all important criteria during a hunting trip. But the clothes will really make a difference to your enjoyment and safety when hunting rabbits, wild boar, deer or birds.

Before you get dressed, choose an outfit according to the weather and the terrain you will be hunting in. The colder the weather, the warmer the clothing you will need. Similarly, if bad weather is forecast, don't risk making yourself sick or being in a bad frame of mind when you have game in range. Rather than suffer the shakes of cold weather, choose clothing directly from our shop that will give you better stability.

How should I dress for hunting?

Choose hunting clothes that will keep you dry in all weather conditions. Clothing should also allow the skin to breathe by effectively controlling the release of body odour.

Safety instructions specific to the terrain in which you are hunting must also be observed. For example, it is recommended to use hunting gaiters when hunting in bushy terrain.

Other hunting outfits are also recommended, such as camouflage outfits. The use of fluorescent orange waistcoats is also necessary depending on the hunting conditions.

The choice of clothing, although it may seem trivial, is in fact the step that will determine the success of your hunting trip. Take the time to prepare it effectively by choosing clothes, outfits and accessories that we have made available to you directly. They will undoubtedly enhance your experience on the hunting ground.