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Animal identification is a must for breeders. There are different ways to identify an animal to be adapted according to its species. Marking ring, tattooing are part of these solutions and this is what Ducatillon offers in this category.

What is animal identification ?

Identifying a farm or domestic animal consists of assigning a series of numbers and/or letters in order to distinguish them from each other as well as to link them to their owner. The animal can be marked in a number of ways :

  • A marking ring around the paw
  • A tattoo using a tattoo gun or marking pens
  • A tag around the ear
  • A marking collar

In our catalog, we offer a range of pet identification products for these different marking solutions.

How to identify an animal ?

Identifying your animal depends on its species and size. Cows, horses, sheep, chickens, rabbits... all need to be identifiable. Here are some solutions to assign them a number and easily distinguish them :

Marking rings

These are designed to identify hens, pheasants, partridges, quails, chicks, canaries, parakeets... The ring attaches around the bird's leg. Their size differs according to the type of animal. For the smallest, the diameter ranges from 2.5 to 4mm while for the largest, the ring size can vary between 6 and 27mm. The marking rings are sold in batches of 25, 50 or 100, so it's up to you to choose the batch corresponding to the size of your farm. These rings hung on your animals' legs are numbered from 1 to 100 and available in different colors. This allows you to distinguish them by years. There are two systems of attachment for the rings: clip or elastic. The elastic band will be more suitable for small animals such as chicks or pigeons.

Marking on the ears: labels and marking buttons

For cows, pigs, goats or sheep, ear tags are common. They are usually given a numbered colored attachment. There are also plastic buttons to attach with pliers to the ears of rabbits or hares. The pliers allow the animal's ear to be pierced to attach the tag, buckle or marking button.


To identify an animal, you can also tattoo it inside the ear using tweezers and tattoo paste. This practice is equally suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits or piglets. Here again, it is a matter of assigning numbers or letters to them. This identification solution must of course be exercised with care. Make sure that the tattoo gun is well cleaned to avoid the risk of infection. Marker pens are also available for sheep, pigs or cattle.

There are also collars for identifying your animals. You can consult our range of collars for dogs.