Peeler and Cutlery Accessories

Peeler and Cutlery Accessories




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You want to make your salads, soups or any other culinary preparation and you need to peel your vegetables and fruits ? Ducatillon Austria has selected for you a wide range of peelers and cutlery accessories that will best suit your needs.

Which peeler to choose ?

There are two types of peelers, also called economizers.

First, you will find Y-shaped peelers. These peelers are ideal for peeling long foods such as cucumbers or zucchini. Moreover, because of their shape, they are easy to handle and give you an ideal grip.

The advantage of these Y-shaped peelers is that you will not have to differentiate your purchase for a left or right-handed person, it will be adapted to both.

Then you will find the knife-shaped peeler. The knife-shaped peeler will be ideal for peeling smaller foods like apricots, potatoes or apples. On the other hand, this peeler will be more suitable for a right-handed person.

It is important to choose the peeler according to your needs and usage. Some peelers will have a handle that is easier to handle than others and will therefore be more suitable for older people or children.

Depending on the choice of peeler you make, cleaning will not be the same. A peeler with a wooden handle should be washed in soapy water, while a peeler with a plastic handle can be put in the dishwasher.

Which blade to choose?

There are 4 types of peeler blades.

First of all, the smooth blade will be efficient to peel your hard fruits and vegetables. You will find among these fruits and vegetables potatoes, cucumbers, apples, pears, etc.

Then the serrated blade will be efficient for your fruits and vegetables with a thinner skin. You will find among these fruits and vegetables kiwis, tomatoes and peaches for example.

The single-edged blade is mainly recommended for right-handed people. In addition, the advantage of this blade will allow you to peel your fruits and vegetables continuously without having to face jamming. The double-edged blade is considered universal, you can use it whether you are left- or right-handed, and for any kind of fruits and vegetables.

You will be able to choose between two types of blade materials, ceramic or steel.

Just like kitchen knives, each blade has its advantages.

The ceramic blade is very sharp and has a long life.

The steel blade is sharp but also very strong and will be much less fragile than a ceramic blade. It should be remembered that peelers have a part that allows you to remove damaged pieces of fruit or vegetables. This tip can be found at the end of your knife peeler, or on the left side of the blade of your Y-shaped peeler.

Cutlery accessories

You will also find on the website different accessories for the preparation of your recipes.

You will find for example the raclette knife which will be useful to scrape the cheese, then the apple peeler which will be a real ally for the peeling of your apples.

You will also find accessories to facilitate the preparation of your fish, such as an oyster spear that will allow you to open oysters, or a fish scaler.