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Traps and Repellents





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Repellents and traps to protect your home

All living spaces are susceptible to animal, rodent and insect infestations. That's why homeowners need to equip their buildings and facilities with the right repellents and traps to prevent infestation problems. Once rats, mice, ants have found a second home in your home, the effects can be detrimental as property damage and health problems can result. Mosquitoes, as well as flies, wasps or hornets, can also be a real nuisance, especially in the summer. To prevent all these possible pest infestations or to remedy an existing problem, choose from our selection of repellents and traps for rodents, insects and other pests.

Repellents for your outdoor areas

Are animals or insects ruining your yard, vegetable garden or garden, digging holes and destroying your plants? To preserve your green spaces and protect your crops from this type of problem, Ducatillon offers many effective and adapted solutions. We have the products you need to protect your outdoor spaces from pests and animals of all kinds: birds, moles, rats, mice, slugs and snails, insects... Save your lawn and flowerbeds from damage caused by animals and insects with our traps and repellents. These deter animals by taste and smell, causing them to instinctively avoid the treated area. Whatever the type of pest, we have the right solution for you. Is a neighbouring cat or dog causing havoc in your garden? We also have effective solutions for keeping cats and dogs out of your garden. In addition to effective animal repellents, we also offer a wide variety of traps.

Our pest control solutions

Ducatillon offers a wide variety of reliable, safe and biodegradable pest repellents, traps and controls for your indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether it's for insects such as mosquitoes, flies, wasps, rodents such as mice and rats or other animals such as birds, moles, weasels, cats, dogs, the solution is just a click away. Our products are non-toxic and biodegradable.