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As well as being an extra layer of clothing for your outing, the hunting waistcoat is the ideal equipment to have with you to carry your ammunition and other hunting gear. It saves you from having to carry a backpack around and having everything you need at hand. For all these reasons, it is part of the indispensable equipment for the hunter.

How to choose the right hunting waistcoat?

Like all hunting clothes, pay particular attention to the choice of your hunting waistcoat. At Ducatillon, we offer different models adapted to your needs and the type of hunting you do. Your waistcoat should combine practicality and comfort. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing the best hunting waistcoat.

The material of the waistcoat

Most of our waistcoats are breathable and lightweight which allows you to move freely without being restricted by the garment. Most of our hunting waistcoats are made of polyester or cotton, which gives them breathability and comfort. The advantage of polyester is that it dries very quickly. So, if you get caught in a rain shower while hunting, don't worry, you'll stay dry. Our sleeveless hunting waistcoats are also designed to be durable. So if you're out on the trail, it won't tear on branches or brambles. Your body temperature is also well regulated, so you won't get too hot or too cold. If you have to wear this waistcoat in winter in particularly cold temperatures, you will find fleece waistcoats in our range as well as an electrically heated waistcoat with four heating pads in the belly, shoulder and kidney area. This means you can be sure that you'll stay warm and comfortable even in winter. You can accompany the waiscoat with a hunting jumper or, if the temperatures are milder, a hunting shirt.

The colour and pattern of the waistcoat

Our sleeveless quilted waistcoats are available in different colours. So choose according to your preferences from blue, brown, khaki or even grey tones. Some of our hunting waistcoats are reversible, so you can alternate between two colours depending on what you are wearing and what you want to wear. Depending on your type of hunting, you won't have the same needs either:

  • - For stalking or hunting, the aim is to blend in with the scenery so as not to be spotted by the game. For this, favour all-purpose colours (khaki or brown) and the camouflage pattern
  • - For hunting in a group, on the other hand, you need to remain visible with an easily identifiable colour to avoid possible accidents. In this case, we advise you to choose a fluorescent orange waistcoat, the reference colour for this type of hunting.

The pockets

This is certainly the detail that makes the difference in the choice of your waistcoat. Indeed, in addition to protecting you and keeping you warm, it has an essential storage function. The hunting waistcoat must be practical. Hunters never leave home empty-handed and need to take their equipment and ammunition with them. Most waistcoats have zipped pockets on the chest and on the bottom of each side. For your ammunition, you can get a multi-tube waistcoat with cartridge pouches.

Quilted, sleeveless, multi-tube, camouflage, fluorescent orange, reversible or even heated hunting waistcoats, there are many options.