Women's clothing and footwear

Women's clothing and footwear





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The female presence in the hunting community has grown rapidly and continues to expand in all areas of hunting. Hunting apparel for women has also evolved. Today, many brands offer camouflage jackets, trousers and other equipment for all enthusiasts!

Hunting gear: the must-have for women hunters

It is a true tradition that requires having the right gear to be comfortable in. Hunting is an outdoor activity hence the interest in choosing the right hunting outfit for women in order to hunt game while being sufficiently covered, protected, discreet and with perfect freedom of movement.

Dressing well for hunting

Who says outdoor activity inevitably says the weather hazards that go with it. So that this is not a constraint, it is essential to have the right hunting jacket. Also adapt your clothing to the outside temperature. Ducatillon offers clothing made from materials and technologies that regulate body heat, but also ensure breathability and odour control. When you hunt, you walk along paths that are more or less easy to access. The choice of a good pair of hunting shoes is equally important. In some cases, camouflage clothing or an orange waistcoat will also be part of the hunter's essentials.

Hunting clothes for women

Unlike women's hunting clothes of the past, which were a scaled-down version of men's clothing, modern hunting clothes for women are cut and designed to fit your needs. Women's hunting jackets complement the female figure and trousers or bibs are cut and tailored for an optimal and comfortable fit. Our collection of women's hunting gear and apparel is designed to withstand the rigors of the field while keeping you warm and dry in custom-made styles. You'll find jackets, waistcoats and other performance apparel designed to protect you from the elements, no matter what the nature. The outfits in our collection promise a feminine fit without sacrificing utility. To face the elements and hazards in the field, wear women's clothing that offers unparalleled protection and comfort. So head out into the field, equipped from head to toe with our women's hunting shirts, trousers, waistcoats, coats and boots and enjoy the pleasures of the hunt.