Establissements Ducatillon are specialized in the distance selling by catalog and internet of breeding equipment for amateurs or families owning backyard animals, poultry, rabbits, goats and sheep. Ducatillon also develops for its customers passionate about hunting, the sale of equipment, equipment and accessories for the hunter and his hunting dogs.

Composed of a team of collaborators all passionate about nature, breeding or hunting, but also about everything related to French and regional traditions, Ducatillon offers its customers from all walks of life equipment tested and proven in real conditions of use. Only the items that meet our quality and price requirements are kept. With more than 45 years of experience in its various trades, the advice and the accompaniment of the customer are assets differentiating Etablissements Ducatillon from other companies with a purely commercial vocation, and the customers are not mistaken.

Always concerned with bringing customers the best products with the best services, Ducatillon has organized its logistics to respond as quickly as possible to a customer order from a catalog, the website or a phone call.

You will find at Ducatillon, at the best price and proven quality:

  • Equipment for the breeding and care of poultry, pigeons, game, palmipeds, rabbits, goats and sheep
  • Semi-professional equipment for slaughtering and food processing for your livestock
  • Beekeeping equipment and accessories, hives, suits, masks and other items for hobby beekeepers
  • Classical or electric wire fencing for the proper care and safety of your farms
  • Dog equipment, collars, kennels and accessories, as well as care products
  • Gardening equipment, maintenance and keeping the family vegetable garden
  • Traditional cooking equipment and accessories to process your own meats, vegetables and fruits in the traditional way
  • Work clothes and clothing equipment for outdoor recreation
  • Equipment for river, lake and sea fishing as well as many accessories for the fisherman
  • Equipment and accessories for various hunts, hunting in the plains with small game, hunting waterfowl in the hut or gabion, hunting big game...
  • Supplies and equipment for recreational shooting.
  • Trapping equipment for small and large pests (moles, rats, weasels, foxes, insects ...), specific repellents and poisons
  • Equipment, chemicals and accessories for taxidermy.