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Chef's knife




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How to cook well without the help of our super chef knives from Ducatillon ? Find here, our whole selection of chef knives...

The chef's knife was designed by the first generation of the Sabatier de Bellevue family. Philippe Sabatier's experience as a knife maker and traveler allowed him to design the perfect knife for every chef and cook, and cooking enthusiast: it is rigid and has a slightly thicker back.

Cut your fish, meat and vegetables with the chef knife.

It is extremely versatile and can be used to chop herbs, crush peppercorns and even peel garlic cloves. It is a multi-purpose knife that is very handy and useful in professional kitchens as well as at home.

A chef's knife is an indispensable kitchen knife. Once you use it, you won't want to let it go! The all-purpose knife for the kitchen.

The chef's knives

Ducatillon has selected for you several ranges of chef's knives:

- The butcher knife which allows you to cut and work heavy meats with a 24 cm and 20 cm blade.

- The bleeding knife is perfect for very precise cuts.

- The boning knife, it has a very narrow blade of 11 cm, then another one which has a blade of 14 cm.

- The skinning knife is ideal for skinning without the risk of damaging the meat.

- The santoku knife is perfect for slicing, dicing and mincing.

- The slicing knife has a 30 cm blade. This allows for effortless and even cutting.

- The carving knife has a 19 cm blade for quick and easy cutting.

- The filleting knife allows to lift fish fillets easily and precisely.

- The straight back boner is perfect for boning, deboning, slicing and cutting meat, game and poultry.

- The boning knife has a flexible curved blade of 13 cm.

Marmiton knives

Come and discover our range of marmiton knives:

- The chef's knife which is ideal for cutting and slicing all meats and vegetables.

- The knife cuts marmiton which allows to cut without effort and quickly.

- The marmiton santoku knife perfect for cutting, slicing, dicing and mincing.

Our knife holders

- The magnetized knife holder which allows you to have your knives within reach.

- The magnetic knife bar to keep your metal kitchen accessories safe.