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Hunting is a popular activity for many nature and outdoor enthusiasts. To maximize your chances of success on your next hunt, it's essential to have the best equipment. The "Decoys" category on the Ducatillon Austria website is an essential resource for all hunters looking to enhance their hunting experience.

Ducatillon Austria offers a wide selection of decoys for different types of hunting. The decoys include ducks, snipes, pigeons, electric decoys, swinging pigeon decoys, soft flocked decoys with floats, and much more. With such a variety of decoys, hunters can find exactly what they need for their hunt.

For example, we offer duck decoys and snipe decoys, which are decoys for shorebird hunters. Ducatillon Austria's decoys are designed to be realistic and attractive to lure birds in flight. Duck decoys are available in different sizes and positions, allowing hunters to choose the decoy that best suits their hunting style. Snipe decoys are also available in multiple sizes for a realistic group effect.

Pigeon decoys are an interesting choice for waterfowl hunters and pigeon hunters. Electric decoys are also available to mimic pigeon calls and other birds. Electric decoys are a convenient option for hunters who prefer a decoy that operates without human intervention.

Swinging pigeon decoys are another popular option for pigeon hunters. Swinging pigeon decoys mimic the natural movement of pigeons when they are feeding, making them more attractive to birds.

Soft flocked decoys with floats are also widely used by waterfowl hunters. Soft flocked decoys imitate the natural movements of birds when swimming in water, making them more realistic and appealing to birds. The floats ensure that the decoys remain visible on the water, even in low-light conditions.

Finally, Ducatillon Austria offers several types of duck decoys, including flocked duck decoys and electric duck decoys. Flocked duck decoys imitate the movements of ducks on the water, while electric duck decoys imitate the sounds of ducks to attract birds.

In conclusion, the "Decoys" category on the website offers a wide range of decoys to meet the needs of hunters. With decoys for different types of hunting, Ducatillon Austria provides a comprehensive selection for hunters looking to maximize their chances of success. The decoys are designed to be realistic, attractive, and practical for hunters. You can also discover our decoy accessories and calls by visiting the following link: Calls and decoys accessories.