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What is a hatcher?

As the name implies, a hatcher is a device into which eggs are placed with the goal of hatching them properly. Used at the end of incubation in addition to an incubator, it allows the eggs' environment to be modified. The conditions for optimal hatching are, in fact, different from those during incubation.

The hatcher is truly useful at the end of incubation because it prevents the membranes from drying out due to its lack of ventilation.

Good practices to properly respect egg hatching:

First of all, it is important to note that hatcheries are to be used in addition to incubators. Also, your incubator must have the exact same number of eggs as your hatcher. Otherwise, you will need to fill your incubator to capacity.

Beware ! The transfer to the hatcher must be done delicately ... Physical contact with the eggs must be avoided. This could, in fact, cause the loss of the egg. Also, after transferring the eggs to the hatcher, avoid handling them as much as possible.

When to use a hatcher ?

The purpose of the hatcher is to put the future chicks in the best possible conditions so that they can easily break their shells. That's why it comes into play at the end of incubation, which is around the 17th or 18th day for chicken eggs.

How to use a hatcher ?

The hatcher contains a thermostat to regulate the temperature and humidity. The humidity should be increased around day 19 or 20 to about 70% to ensure good conditions for the arrival of the babies. With the birth of the first chicks, the humidity will increase further to help the hatching of the next ones.

What about cleaning? Nothing could be easier! First of all, you just have to unplug the device well. Then with the help of a soaked cloth, you can wash the tray after removing the shells and unhatched eggs.

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In short, using a professional, functional and resistant hatching device is important! It will allow you to welcome your little ones in the best possible conditions ... With our equipment, the temperature will be ideal and the humidity level perfectly controlled for births. The anti-slip tray, meanwhile, will prevent accidents and the hatching baskets will house all your eggs.