Sausage Pusher and Guillotine

Sausage Pusher and Guillotine




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Do you want to prepare your own sausages? You prefer home-made to industrial? Ducatillon has selected for you the essential equipment for your kitchen. You can discover the pushers and guillotines for the manufacture of your sausages.

You want to start preparing your sausages, Ducatillon will help you to choose the right equipment. The choice of your equipment will have to be carried out in a clear and precise way, because this one will have to correspond perfectly to your needs and to the use which you will make of it. First of all, you will have to define your use. If you decide to start your activity in the production of sausages, you will not have the same needs as someone who decides to make sausages occasionally.

Sausage pushers

There are different types of sausage pushers.

Vertical sausage pushers

This type of pusher is generally more common. Indeed, because of its shape, you will be able to fill it more easily and quickly during its use. It will be useful for occasional use but also and mainly for large quantities.

Horizontal sausage pushers

Horizontal pushers can be considered as more stable. Indeed, it is possible to fix them to the work surface, which will allow a safer use of the machine. The stuffing machine with a cylindrical tube ejects the meat to make a sausage.

Horn-shaped stuffers

These pushers, generally of small capacity, are perfect for occasional use.

How do pushers work?

The pushers can be manual or automatic. Generally, the traditional pushers are manual. Indeed, equipped with a crank, it will allow you to push the meat, and thus to create your sausages. Moreover, thanks to this type of pusher you can decide the speed at which you make your sausages. Manual pushers are easy to use and easy to clean.

It is essential to have a ground meat. Once the meat is ground, it is placed in the pusher, turn the crank and the meat will come out in the casing. Once the desired size of sausage is reached, tie a knot in the casing.


Ducatillon offers you an electric mincer, which will be your ally in the realization of cold cuts. Indeed, this one will allow you the realization of pâtés, sausages or even minced steaks. Its electric character will allow you a fast and easy use. Essential step before using your pusher, chopping your meat will be efficient thanks to its power.

Sausage guillotines

Are you a fan of appetizers with friends, of cold cuts? The sausage guillotine is the essential utensil to have in your kitchen. This accessory will allow you to cut slices of sausage finely, avoiding any danger of cutting. In addition to the sausage slicer, you can also use the guillotine to cut your fruits, vegetables, cheese or bread.