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Depending on the farm and the size of the herd, you need different drinking troughs : are your animals grazing all year round or in an unheated barn? Do you have just two or three animals or a whole herd? Do you have an electrical connection to the pasture to run a pump?

In our product range you will find different waterers to suit your needs and your animals. There are a multitude of them, all with different mechanisms. Ducatillon will guide you to choose the one that will best suit your animals' hydration.

How to choose the right waterer?

Depending on the animal species, such as cows, horses, chickens, etc, there are different demands for water supply and so you must first consider some factors before buying the right waterer :

  • - The type of animal
  • - The volume of water required for your livestock
  • - The type of farming (individual or collective)
  • - The conditions in which you place your watering system

Our waterers differ according to the following animal species: cattle, horses, poultry, birds, sheep, goats, small animals (dogs, rabbits...)

Drinking troughs for cows and cattle

Dairy cows, cattle and calves are normally fed water through a nose bowl. The animal leans its head into the trough, which fills with fresh water by tongue pressure. If you want to keep the animals well supplied with water even in freezing weather, the best thing to do is to use a heated trough. A kick guard for calves and cattle is particularly handy.

Drinking trough for horses and ponies

For horses and ponies, an easy-to-use waterer with a hose valve is particularly suitable. If your horse is particularly sensitive, a float-regulated, constant-level waterer is ideal. The float does not have to be operated independently and fills automatically when the water level falls below. If you keep your horses on pasture, you can offer them water in a spacious, UV-resistant pasture waterer. On cold days, the supply of fresh water is provided by heated horse troughs.

Water trough for sheep & lambs

If you keep sheep and lambs, you must give them access to clean, fresh drinking water at all times. For a sheep farm, a float-regulated, constant-level waterer with a hose valve or a large pasture waterer is ideal.

Goat drinkers

Hose valve drinkers or drinking bowls with a valve are also suitable for goats. With a spacious pasture hydration system, you ensure sufficient water intake in the pasture.

Drinking bowls for poultry & small animals

Poultry such as chickens, quails, pigeons, ducks and many more need a special system. Poultry troughs are filled with water and are operated automatically or filled regularly. It can be a bottle drinker, automatic or with a built-in water tank: the choice depends on several factors, such as the number of chickens, their age and the location of the water supply. Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small animals, on the other hand, need special waterers for small animals.

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