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Do you raise pigeons? Then you certainly need a pigeon house to shelter them. Discover in our catalog all our shelters for your birds as well as the essential accessories.

What is a pigeon loft ?

The pigeon house is a shelter for pigeons. They take the form of a small wooden or metal hut in which the bird can take refuge. It is a shelter made to accommodate a nest. The pigeons can nest, take shelter, reproduce and raise their young in it.

Our different models of pigeon houses

There are different models depending on the size of your farm and your needs. We offer two-place pigeon houses and some can accommodate up to 9 nests and 18 pigeons.

All our pigeon houses are designed to be practical, strong and durable.

We offer two models of shelters designed for two birds and two nests. They are galvanized. Their dimensions are 60 cm long, 30 cm wide and 30 cm high. They are designed for outdoor and indoor use. The floor can be removed to facilitate cleaning and remove the droppings of your pigeons.

If you have a larger flock of pigeons, you can turn to a more practical solution for you with the aviary loft, to be placed outside. This offers a spacious environment for your birds. It is made up of several pigeon houses that are surrounded by a fence. These aviaries are available in 3-cell, hexagonal 3-cell or 9-cell models for larger breedings. Their large dimensions bring a real comfort to your pigeons. The nests are accessible from the outside to control the conditions of your birds. These pigeon houses are made of treated pine. They are therefore well protected from bad weather. These wooden pigeon houses with their roof covered with a gravelly canvas are also very aesthetic in your garden. Finally, the wire mesh is perfectly resistant to corrosion.

How to build a pigeon shelter ?

In addition to our various shelters, Ducatillon has a whole range of equipment to fit them out and improve the living conditions of your birds. Among the accessories we have, we can mention

  • - Feeders and drinkers: To feed and hydrate your pigeons, these equipments are essential.
  • - A sputnik: this one is fixed at the exit of the pigeon house. This allows the birds to enter the loft but not to leave.
  • - Perches with fixing systems
  • - Plastic or cardboard nests
  • - Material for the maintenance of the loft.