Garden bird feeder

Garden bird feeder




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Do you want to watch birds in your garden ? Ducatillon offers you different types of bird feeders for your garden. You will find all the basic necessities to satisfy your little visitors.

Hanging bird feeders

The most common feeder is the hanging feeder. Indeed, this one is easily found. They are mainly useful for small birds, such as chickadees or greenfinches.

Tray feeders

These feeders are placed on a support, such as a stake. These feeders are available, and allow all types of birds to come and eat. You can observe small birds such as chickadees on these feeders, but also larger birds such as turtle doves or blackbirds. On this type of feeder, you will place the food as you wish. The food can be more diversified and composed of fruits or seeds.

Special feeders

Some feeders are designed for a particular species. Indeed, they do not allow birds of other species to eat there. For example, you will find special goldfinch feeders on our Ducatillon website.

Tube feeders

These feeders are mainly dedicated to seeds. Indeed, tube feeders offer birds the possibility to have access to peanuts or sunflowers. You can find this type of feeder on our website Ducatillon. Tube feeders are mainly adapted to climbing birds such as chickadees.

What food for the birds?

Peanuts are recommended for birds because they represent a rich and complete food. You can also find fat balls which will represent a real energy contribution for the birds. In addition, you can offer the birds in your garden fruits such as apples, pears, grapes, which will bring a contribution in vitamins and iron. However, seeds are the main food for birds. In winter, it is advisable to give preference to foods rich in fats and proteins.

Where to place the feeder?

The location of the feeder should be chosen with care. It must be placed so that the bird can access it easily. The feeder must be placed in a place that is sheltered from the wind, so if you want to be able to observe the birds, it should be placed in a visible location. It is important to remember that birds are fearful, so the feeder should be placed at least 5 meters from your home. The main predator of birds is the cat, so the feeder should be placed in a place where cats will not scare the birds. Preferably, the feeder should be placed near trees, without direct access for predators. All equipment requires maintenance. Feeders should be cleaned as soon as the heat arrives, often in the spring, in order to limit the development of diseases. This cleaning should preferably be done with bleach. It is essential to rinse the feeder thoroughly after this cleaning in order not to poison the bird. On the other hand, you can clean the feeder more regularly with hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly.