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Cartridge belt




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Ducatillon Austria is your ideal destination to find the best cartridge holders on the market. Whether you are a passionate hunter or engaged in sports shooting, we offer a wide selection of quality cartridge holders to meet all your needs. Explore our diverse range, including belt cartridge holders and buttstock cartridge holders. Trust Ducatillon Austria for reliable, durable, and practical products.

Luxury Cartridge Holders 20 Bullets: The Choice of Discerning Hunters

The luxury cartridge holders with 20 bullets from Ducatillon Austria are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding hunters. These cartridge holders offer storage capacity for 20 bullets, allowing you to have enough ammunition at hand during your hunting outings. Made with high-quality materials, these cartridge holders ensure optimal protection of your ammunition while providing easy and quick access to your cartridges.

Comfortable Cartridge Holders: Unrivaled Comfort for Shooters

For sports shooting enthusiasts, Ducatillon Austria offers comfortable cartridge holders. These cartridge holders are specifically designed to provide maximum comfort during prolonged shooting sessions. Thanks to their ergonomic design and adjustable straps, the comfortable cartridge holders distribute weight evenly, reducing fatigue and muscle tension. Enjoy a pleasant and unrestricted shooting experience with our high-quality comfortable cartridge holders.

Ammunition Pouches: Practical Organization of Your Cartridges

For optimal organization of your cartridges, Ducatillon Austria offers ammunition pouches. These pouches provide a practical solution for storing and transporting your ammunition safely. Available in different sizes and capacities, our ammunition pouches allow you to keep your cartridges within reach and well-organized. Don't waste any more time searching for your ammunition and focus on your hunting or shooting activities with our practical and functional ammunition pouches.

Cartridge Holders with Aged Leather Flaps: Style and Durability

If you are looking for a cartridge holder that combines style and durability, Ducatillon Austria offers cartridge holders with aged leather flaps. These holders add a touch of sophistication to your hunting or shooting equipment. Carefully crafted, they provide robust protection for your cartridges while having an elegant appearance thanks to the aged leather. Opt for a cartridge holder that combines style and functionality with our cartridge holders with aged leather flaps.

Belt Cartridge Holders: Accessibility and Convenience

Belt cartridge holders are a practical choice for keeping your ammunition at hand. Ducatillon Austria offers a variety of belt cartridge holders that adapt to different types of belts. Thanks to their secure attachment, these cartridge holders allow you easy access to your cartridges while keeping your hands free. Enjoy the convenience and ease of use of our belt cartridge holders during your hunting or shooting activities.

In conclusion, Ducatillon Austria is your reliable partner to find the best cartridge holders on the market. Trust Ducatillon Austria for top-quality, durable, and practical products that will accompany you on your hunting and shooting adventures. Also, explore our category Hunter Equipment.