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What's better than having good cutting utensils to cook masterpieces? Ducatillon Austria is there for that ! Find here all our manual or electric cutting tools.

Our manual or electric cutting machines guarantee you a joy of cooking your favorite meats, fishes, fruits, vegetables and delicatessens.

You will find here everything you need to become a real cordon - bleu... Our chopper that will allow you to make the best chili con carne around or our apple peeler or our protective gloves against cuts in order to cook safely! And many other utensils.

Make your most beautiful creations with Ducatillon Austria ! Find in our range cutlery accessories, kitchen cutlery and electric cutters, for your happiness in the kitchen.

Cutlery :

Come and discover our range of professional kitchen knives. Take advantage of the range of clever knives, skinning knives, butcher knives, office knives, and many others.

It is essential to take into account the size of the wick depending on the knife you want to sharpen.

Indeed, the wick must be proportional to the size of the blade of your knife.

Electric cutting:

We have two types of electric cutters to offer you:

    • - The electric chopper
    • - The slicer

It is an essential piece of kitchen equipment and Ducatillon Belgium has selected for you quality cutting devices.

An electric meat grinder is essential if you prepare a lot of dishes with minced meat. A meat grinder is useful to prepare terrines, minced steaks, pâtés.

First of all, its power ranges from 250 to 1600 watts. The power determines the amount of meat that can be minced during use and the speed at which it is minced.

The choice of a slicer depends on the duration of use. Every day or occasionally, the slicer will be different. You will have the possibility to choose the size of your slices to satisfy everyone and to adapt to each ingredient.

Ducatillon Austria also has spare knives for manual choppers and knives for Reber 500 Watts, 600 Watts and 450 Watts choppers.

Protective cutting gloves are also available, for safe cooking.

Cutlery accessories:

Ducatillon Austria has selected sharpeners for your knives:

There are two kinds:

        • - Manual
        • - Electric

Find a wide range of cutlery accessories. Sharpeners, rifles, sharpeners and sharpening stones to prepare your knives for a precise cut. Wooden or polyethylene cutting boards for your meats and bread.

Sausage pushers and guillotines to prepare your own meat. A wide range of necessary and practical accessories for your work.

Finally, we will not forget the butcher's apron to protect you from splashes and to cook in all tranquillity.