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Sharpening is an essential process for keeping sharp tools in good condition. Sharpeners are tools that sharpen the blades of knives, scissors, garden tools and even saw blades. Find at Ducatillon Austria the different types of sharpeners that will meet your needs.

Kitchen sharpeners are essential tools for keeping knives sharp and in good condition. There are different types of sharpeners, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Manual sharpeners, such as whetstones, sharpening guides and sharpening guns, are generally the most affordable and can offer precise sharpening control. Electric sharpeners, such as saw blade sharpeners and drum sharpeners, are generally faster and easier to use, but can be more expensive.

It is important to choose a sharpener that suits your needs and your knives. Stainless steel knives generally require a gentler sharpening than hardened steel knives, for example. It is also important to follow the instructions for use and ensure that the sharpener is properly maintained for best results.

Manual sharpeners

To use a sharpening stone, you first wet it and then use it to sharpen knives by sliding them at an even angle over the stone. Sharpening guides maintain the blade angle for you, while sharpening guns have a built-in angle guide and an abrasive roller that rotates to sharpen the blade.

Electric sharpener

Saw blade sharpeners have a grinding wheel that spins to sharpen the blade, while drum sharpeners have a drum covered with an abrasive material that spins and sharpens the blade as it passes over it. To use an electric sharpener, simply place the blade in the unit and turn it on.

It is important to follow the sharpener's operating instructions for best results. It is recommended to start with a wider sharpening angle and gradually sharpen it to avoid removing too much metal. It is also important to make sure the sharpener is properly maintained and to change the grinding discs or wheels when they become worn. It is also important to ensure that knives are clean and dry before sharpening. At Ducatillon Austria, you will find the right sharpener for your needs!