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Complete your hunting outfit with the right equipment. To keep you warm, protect you and make your hunting trip as pleasant and efficient as possible, Ducatillon has chosen for you the best hunter's clothing accessories.

Complete your hunting outfit with the right accessories

If the hunting clothes for men or women are important, you should not neglect the accessories that go with them because they also have a major place in the necessary equipment of the hunter. Beyond the classic hunting clothes such as jackets, t-shirts, trousers, camouflage outfits, shoes, there are many accessories for hunting outfits that will make the difference to ensure your comfort during your outings in the open air.

No matter what conditions you hunt in, we have the right gear for you.

Hunting clothing accessories

As a hunter you need total ease of movement. To stay in the great outdoors for long hours hunting game, there are several clothing accessories to consider in your equipment. At Ducatillon we know your needs. So here is what we offer:

Hats, caps and bonnets

The head and face are particularly exposed. In summer as well as in winter, it is therefore important to have what you need to cover yourself. When the temperatures are harsher during the autumn and winter months, you will appreciate our hats, caps and furry caps and for the coldest temperatures, we also offer balaclavas so that your face is fully covered without impeding your visibility. We also offer scarves and chokers to protect your throat. In case of high temperatures in summer, caps and bobs will protect you from the sun.

Gloves for hunting

Whatever the conditions, the hunter must be able to handle his weapon with the greatest possible ease. We have therefore chosen for you practical pairs of gloves that allow you to handle your shotgun without difficulty while remaining protected from the cold.

Shorts and gaiters

The paths you walk are often strewn with obstacles and in particular brambles or other branches that can tear the bottom of your trousers. It is also unthinkable for a hunter to come back from an outing soaked. Gaiters, leggings and waders are the ideal accessories to avoid this. They are solid and waterproof equipment.

Belts and braces

Move freely while keeping your trousers snug and in place during your hunting trip. Braces, belts and waistbands ensure optimal support and therefore perfect comfort of movement.

Discover all our hunting clothing accessories without further ado!